On A Good Day

Make her miss and make her pay

When something captures my interest, I really like to give it my full attention.  Lots of women try a boxing or kick-boxing class to get in shape.  That’s how I started.  But I kept peering around to the other side of the gym.  The side with the ring.  The side filled with young men hitting each other.  I was a mother of two with a law degree, and I’d never hit anyone in my entire life, but I just had to try it.  I had to get into that ring.
So I trained. I ran for miles.  I jumped rope for hours.  I pounded the mitts and sparred with the boys.  And after months of training, I boxed.  I’m sure I’m the only mom in car line who can boast an amateur boxing record of 1-0.  More importantly, however, I can tell my boxers I know what it’s like to sweat to make weight.  I know what it’s like to shake off the soreness and spar with a black eye.  I know what it’s like to stand alone in the corner before the bell rings in that calm before the storm. 
Jackie Kallen is my heroine in the boxing management world.  Her facebook page adorably reads “Meg Ryan played me in a movie.”  She has a million more connections than I do, and years more experience.  But she’s never been punched in the face.  And she’ll never know that sublime satisfaction of slipping a punch while landing your own solidly in your opponents face.  And this is why I can go toe-to-toe with her to get my boxers on Friday Night Fights. 
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