The Paper Calendar, In Memoriam

I have a December birthday, and in the days before smartphones my favorite birthday gift was always a new calendar. My grandparents always give me money for my birthday and I as soon as I had it in my hot little hands, I would head straight to the office supply store. I always chose a week at a glance, but not before considering the possibility that the upcoming year would be so filled with action that I might need a day-at-a-glance! A new calendar represented a fresh start and endless possibilities.

With all due respect to the Steve Jobs (R.I.P.) and the Research In Motion folks, I miss my paper calendar this time of year. I know, I know. I can fit my calendar and the entire internet in my hoodie pocket, and sync my schedule with my husbands with the click of a button. But where’s my fresh start? My annual yearly committment to perfect organization? Hmmm . . . maybe I should check the App Store.

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