In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m planning to blog about something for which I’m thankful each day of November. I know, I know. It’s already the third day of the month. However, I was unable to answer the flurry for the first two days. It’s also worth noting that these blessings o’ mine are in no particular order. If they were, I’d start with the kiddos, but to be honest they just haven’t been that interesting in the last day or so.

Today I’m thankful for all the free wifi in the good old U. S. of A. I’m posting this from the waiting room of a doc in the box. The Girl has an earache, and being the hyper vigilant mother that I am, I rushed her straight to the doctor after her swim meet. Hmmmmmm . . . earache, swim meet . . . Yeah. She has swimmer’s ear. And I know I could have prevented it if I would have been more vigilant about putting alcohol in her ear each night. And yes I made her swim even though she was complaining about her ear this morning. But she did PR every event she swam and she’s gonna have antibiotic drops within the hour. (I’m practicing my defense before the doctor calls us back.)

But back to being thankful. As I pulled out my iPad in the waiting room, I saw that there was doc in the box guest Internet, and I was reminded of the lack of free wifi when I was in Australia in July. So there it is. I’m thankful for our abundantly free wifi.

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