Obama vs. Romney

I have this friend. We do all the “school-mom stuff” together. She cracks me up when we’re stuck in carline or a boring PTO meeting. We both like art (though she’s an actual artist), and we both love to read. She talks me back from the edge when I’m having a bad day with my kids or my husband, and if I ask her to pray about something, I know she’ll get down on her knees and do it. I suppose lots of people have a friend like that, or at least I hope they do.

My friend called me today and said, “So who would win in a boxing match? Obama or Romney? Romney probably packs more of a punch, but Obama has the reach advantage.”

The thing is, my friend isn’t a boxing fan. She finds it cringe-worthy. But she’s completely non-judgmental about the fact that I love it. When my boxers fight on TV and I’m sitting ringside, I know she’s watching from home and cheering her heart out. She knows my title contenders and even my young upstarts. I know she’ll never love boxing, but she loves me. And I love her.

Today I’m thankful for my friend.

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One Response to Obama vs. Romney

  1. Chester Brindisi says:

    i do love boxing, my favorite boxer is of course manny pacquiao and el dinamita marquez.*

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