A Manager’s Prayer for Her Boxer



A Manager’s Prayer for Her Boxer

I’m on my knees this morning asking you to watch over my boxer.

Bless his feet, and make them swift. Let them carry him within his own range and out of his opponent’s. Help him remember that there’s a time to retreat, and that you gave him foot speed for defense as well as offense.

Bless every muscle in his body, because he’ll use them to slip punches and deliver blows. Thank you for giving him the strength and speed to become a champion.

I would ask that you bless his heart, Lord, but I know that you already have. He has the heart of a warrior.

Bless his arms and make them strong. Bless his hands and protect them from injury. His hands are his weapon. God, I ask that you make them fierce. Devastatingly fierce.

Bless his mouth, and let it be smiling when the final bell rings. He’s happiest when he’s in the ring, Lord, and I want to see him with the smile of a champion. But if that’s not your will, let him still smile for having had the chance to be glorious in the talent you gave him.

Bless his eyes and keep them open and alert so that he may see his opponent’s intentions by the slightest muscle twitch.

Father, most importantly, I ask that you protect his brain. We all know the toll taken by this sport, not only tonight, but in every sparring session past and future. This morning, it’s not the man who entertains the arena full of fans that I’m praying for, but the one who makes us smile, and the one who’s in the corner of his family and friends.

Finally Father, I pray for wisdom and swift reaction for the third
man in the ring. I ask that he know the second either fighter has had enough. If he makes an error, I beg that the error be made in stopping the fight too early rather than too late.

Thank you for not allowing me to follow in the advice to “never love your fighter.” I love them all.

Let tonight be a celebration of the magnificent bodies you created, and never let us forget that all glory belongs to you.



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