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Sunday’s Here!

         On Good Friday, I’m always reminded of S. M. Lockridge’s famous sermon, “It’s Friday … but Sunday’s comin’.”  It plays on Christian radio and is all over YouTube dubbed over scenes from The Passion of the … Continue reading

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A Manager’s Prayer for Her Boxer


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“She gets up while it is still night”

Much has been written about whether or not women can really have it all — a career, a family, a happy marriage, a great home. And over the years, the standards by which she’s supposed to accomplish these things keep … Continue reading

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There’s a moment before the walk to the ring, there’s a moment when a boxer pauses. He stands in a dark passageway and waits to hear those first few notes of of his ring music. Ahead lays the ring and … Continue reading

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I’m eight years old and sitting in a tiny church at the top of a mountain in West Virginia. My grandfather has just finished his sermon, and we begin the invitation hymn. No piano accompaniment. Just the shaky voices of … Continue reading

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An Autistic Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, there was a Boy who was on the Spectrum. The Boy’s parents really wanted him to have a Catholic education, so they went to their priest. They said they believed that The Boy could get along … Continue reading

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Obama vs. Romney

I have this friend. We do all the “school-mom stuff” together. She cracks me up when we’re stuck in carline or a boring PTO meeting. We both like art (though she’s an actual artist), and we both love to read. … Continue reading

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