In 2005, after 6 moves in 7 years, we decided we loved Ocala enough to buy a house and call it home. We bought an ugly, 1950s ranch just outside of the historic district. The oak canopied streets made up for the shiny wall paper and peach kitchen cabinets.

 The work went in stages.

Stage One:

In the first year, we basically just made it liveable.

  • Tear out overgrown vegetation, like the bushes that covered the windows
  • Take off barn style shutters and paint the exterior of the house (Buh-bye peach)
  • Strip wall paper and paint interior
  • Rip out moldy bathroom
  • Tear out the odd carport and asphalt driveway running through the middle of the back yard
Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures of stage one because it’s hard to appreciate how ugly the house was. Ugly, but really great 
Stage Two:
After living with the master bath gutted for the first year, we decided to put it back together. We tore it out immediately the mold smell was so bad you couldn’t sleep in the master bedroom. It’s probably important to point it here that to call this bed and bath master is quite generous. The bedroom is the smallest of the house, and the bathroom is pretty tight. 
Here’s a before pic from the listing when we bought the house:
Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately) you can’t smell the mold in the picture. 
We tore out the shower and opened the door area to the ceiling, and that made a big difference. The shower seems much bigger from the inside. We hired a friend of Jason’s to help me put things back together, since I really had zero skillz at that point. 


 Stage Three:  

 Husband History:

Jason does things when the spirit moves him, regardless of whether or not the project can be completed before, well, something else happens. For instance, in a previous house, he started patching nail holes in a hunter green hallway four hours before guest would arrive for a party. I was all “Ahhhhhhhhh!!!!!” He said, “We have to paint it anyway. It’s 1980s hunter green.”  So we had a green hall with white spots for the party.  The morning of another very large party in this house, he went out and bought a new back door. He barely finished switching out the doors before the guests arrived. He reached his breaking point with our peach countertops one December 23rd, so he bought countertop paint and started painting them, despite the fact that we were hosting Christmas Eve dinner for both our families and the dry time on the paint was 48 hours. 
With that in mind, I knew I was in trouble when I saw him coming toward the kitchen with his tool belt on. 





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